About Us

Homesteading in Ohio, LLC is a small business based in Northeast Ohio.  We started with a homestead on 12 acres and started sharing our knowledge on our blog Homesteading in Ohio and by teaching homesteading classes throughout the state.


We because a licensed food manufacturer and started selling freeze dried candy in 2021.  We also offer log books and journals for homesteading and recipe books for both food and DIY recipes.

What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying is a form of drying food, but it's more complex than a dehydrator. First, the food is frozen. Then, the pressure is lowered and a vacuum causes sublimation to remove water. Finally, the food is dried to remove more water.
Since freeze drying removes up to 99 percent of the water, the food is shelf stable for up to 25 years! Freeze drying also retains almost all of the nutrition, color, and taste as fresh food.

Freeze dried food can be eaten dry or rehydrated with water. Fruits can be rehydrated and used in recipes or eaten dry. Freeze dried candy is best eaten dried.

Although freeze dried food can last for many years when packaged properly, it does absorb moisture from the air after opening. Store in an air tight container and plan to use within a few days. Humidity can affect how long the food lasts before it gets soggy.

Homesteading in Ohio, LLC is a licensed food manufacturer. We use fancy equipment to test each batch to ensure that it's safe for long term storage.