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Freeze Dried S'Mores Mallow Bites

Freeze Dried S'Mores Mallow Bites

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Introducing our irresistible Freeze-Dried S'mores Marshmallows – the ultimate campfire treat, now conveniently packed with crunch and flavor in every bite. 

Experience the classic campfire treat without the need for flames or mess, as each bite-sized morsel delivers the authentic taste of s'mores in a lightweight and portable form.  Mini marshmallows are coated with a chocolate powder and powdered graham crackers and then freeze dried for a crunchy treat.

Packed with flavor and fun, our freeze-dried marshmallows are perfect for snacking straight from the bag, adding to trail mix, or incorporating into your favorite recipes for a playful twist. Plus, with their extended shelf life and convenient packaging, they're ideal for stashing in your backpack, desk drawer, or pantry for whenever the craving strikes.

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